What's included in Multiples Pro?

Public Comps

Human-checked 2,000+ public comparables

Actual Private Transaction Data

Verified valuation details from 5,000+ VC and M&A deals

50+ Tech-Specific Valuation Multiples

Benchmark public comps across tech-specific metrics

Unlimited Search
and Filtering

Intuitive finiancial, geographic and operational filters

Save Your Search Results

Build your comps table and save your search for later

Data Exports to Excel and Google Sheets

Export cleanly formatted data in .xlsx format

Live Link Sharing, Airtable-style

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Portfolio Valuation Services

Automatic portfolio valuations via Multiples API access

Trusted by the most prominent names in tech

Access all key financial and operational benchmarks

All public data available for 2024-2026, LTM and NTM periods

  • Enterprise Value
  • Market Cap
  • EV/Revenue
  • Growth-Adj. EV/Revenue
  • Growth-Adj. EV/EBITDA
  • EV / FCF
  • Revenue % Growth
  • EBITDA % Growth
  • Earnings % Growth
  • EBITDA Margins
  • Gross Margins
  • Net Margins
  • Rule of 40
  • S&M as % of Revenue
  • G&A as % of Revenue
  • R&D as % of Revenue
  • Opex as % of Revenue
  • Revenue per FTE
  • Opex per FTE
  • Dividend Yield
  • IPO Return
  • P/E
  • P/E-to-Growth
  • EPS
  • Stock Prices
  • Founded to IPO
  • IPO to Today

Data That Make Sense

We handpick and thoroughly categorize our comps, so you can find that under-the-radar valuation data point.

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